Are you giving value?

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When was the last time you looked at the way you worked and asked yourself "Is this really necessary?". Often, when we have worked in a particular field or for the same business for a long time we can adopt the "We do it this way because that's the way it's always been done" attitude. Complacency can set in and our quality of work drops as everything starts to feel mundane.

This week I want to help you take a 'stop check' on the activities that make up your day, from the meetings to the processes you follow, by asking you three simple questions. These three questions are to be used to firstly, determine if the process is really necessary and secondly, to remind you of the 'WHY' if it is indeed necessary. Sometimes these questions can also result in you finding a gap where value could be added.

Now the goal here is to answer 'YES' to all three questions for it to be a winning process that gets to stay in your business.

Feel free to print this off and stick it up in your business :-)

Before you go answering these questions it's important to understand the definition of the word 'value':

value noun : the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.

Let's take a closer look at question number one: Is this giving value to our customers/clients?

Our customers and clients are what keeps our business going so it makes sense to ensure that we are giving them value at every turn and treating the time we spend with them wisely. No one wants to spend time filling out a form or answering questions that aren't actually relevant to their needs. This is often the case with many business who haven't completed a 'stop check' for a long time. We need to look at our end-to-end process when dealing with our clients and ensure we are asking the right questions and giving the right information, at the right time.

Question number two: Is this giving value to me/the team?

If a process is giving value to our clients then naturally it should be giving us and our team value as well, just in a different way. Continuing with the above example, getting the right information at the right time can make our job easier to do, which then frees up our time to focus on other activities for the day.

Lastly, question number three: Is this giving value to the business?

Once again, if a process is giving value to our client, ourselves and our team, then of course if should be giving value to the business. It's still important to answer this question to ensure the WHY is really cemented into our thinking. Simply put: necessary, value giving processes = happy customers = happy teams = happy business bottom line.

As you can see this is not rocket science, it's three simple questions that can make a positive impact in your business. Stop overthinking it and refer back to these regularly to stay on track.

Now off you go and put this into action, if you get stuck give me a call.

Have a great day :-)

- Amy

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