Do you know how to inspire yourself?

Hi readers :-)

It's no secret that running your own business can be very lonely and isolating. Sometimes this feeling can turn into lost inspiration and 'oomph' with our work. If you've been feeling like this let me first say "You're not alone!". Heck, you don't even have to be running your own business to have flat days, it's something we can all be challenged with.

Before we go any further let me start off by saying that we can't always wait to hear an inspiring podcast, see an inspiring speaker, go away on an inspiring weekend away, etc, to get inspired. We need to continually take ACTION on what we can control to keep the momentum going. Bottom line: stop waiting for others to inspire you and work out what you can do to inspire yourself.

The key thing I've learnt about inspiration is: when we lose connection we lose inspiration.

We need to work on our connections first and our inspiration will naturally follow. Connection can come in many varying forms and it's all dependent on our individual personalities. I know myself that one of the ways I can lose inspiration in what I'm doing is when I haven't had an in-depth adult conversation with someone (ie. I am feeling disconnected with other people). A quick phone call to my sister Kaitlyn always gives me the oomph I need. Not because she 'inspires' me per say, she doesn't tell me things like "You've got this. You're awesome", instead she engages in conversation with me that allows me to get my thoughts out, and nine times out of ten I end up answering my own question. Inspiration for what I need to do flows and off I go.

The key take-away for this week is really simple, it doesn't even need a 'five step process'. All I want you to do is to write down the things that you can replicate in your day/week/months to ensure that you keep momentum going. Examples can be (but are not limited to):

- Making sure you're not disconnected from your reality (don't have your head in the sand)

- Reminding yourself of your vision (even better if you've created a vision board for yourself)

- Being connected to meaningful work

- Listening to music

- Getting out in nature

- Having a conversation with someone

- Meeting with your mentor

- Simply observing what's going on around you and taking queues from others

- Long showers/baths and letting your thoughts run

- Screen-free time (DO NOT: scroll through social media waiting for inspiration to happen).

I want to stress again that in the above examples where other people are involved it's not about you relying on them to give you an inspirational pep talk. It's for you to find the deeper connection that's missing.

Now off you go and put this into action, and remember that I am here to help you out with this, just give me a call.

Have a great day :-)

- Amy

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