Have you got the second-month-slumps?

January 1st is not the only time you can start actioning a goal.

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Has the beginning of February brought with it the second-month-slumps? Maybe you set yourself some lofty goals and January zoomed past too quickly before you got a chance to take action. Or maybe you started the New Year off well but fizzled out soon after and this has left you feeling disheartened. Well, I'm here to say: "Do not despair, you are not alone".

I've put together some practical steps below that you can follow to get your goal mindset in check. There's no need to join the "January was just a trial month. I've decided that February is the new January" meme bandwagon that seems to happen each year. What I've found is in sharing these things we are subconsciously doing more harm than good; for one we are using 'humour' to disguise a poor excuse for why we haven't started and secondly, we are telling ourselves that January is the only month we can start a new goal. Why? Each day the sun rises is just as good as the sun rising on January 1st.

1. Connection

Your goals should be something that you feel connected to. Ask yourself "Am I connected with my goal?" If the answer is "No", then throw that goal away.

2. Break it down

Too often our lofty goal seems impossible to reach, the saying 'Rome wasn't built in a day' is necessary to add here as a reminder. My tip for this is to break your goal down, even into daily or weekly actions, whatever suits you best, with each action bringing you closer to the end goal.

3. Share it with a friend or support group

When you think back to when we were first on this earth we had no choice but to work together to survive. In his book "Lost Connections", Johann Hari talks about a belief we currently have in our society which is "Nobody can help you except you" and how this is a "...denial of human history, and a denial of human nature. It leads us to misunderstand our most basic instincts. And this approach to life makes us feel terrible.”

Share your goals with those who you trust, who will lift you up and support you, and who will push you to do more when necessary.

4. Celebrate along the way

This one is simple; if you're connected to your goal then make it fun along the way. Find something even in the most tedious of tasks to give you reason to celebrate. Did you nearly vomit during a work-out? Well done, you pushed your body to the limit, celebrate that.

5. New day; new discipline

Goals take discipline so when a day passes and you didn't accomplish what you set out to do it's easy to get discouraged. Sometimes we can have the best intentions and then 'things' get in our way (like kids not going along with the schedule, am I right parents?! Haha!). You can only do what you can do. The longer you sit in 'discouraged' mode the more difficult it will be for you to get back up and into action. Leave yourself a note by your bedside before you go to sleep with the action that you want to complete for the following day and try again.

So there it is, five simple steps to think about when it comes to your goals. I trust this helps you in some way.

Now off you go and put this into action.

Have a great day :-)

- Amy

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