Stop glorifying the hustle and take a break.

Hi readers :-)

Over the coming week's I am going to share my business 'non negotiable's' with you. These are the foundations that I believe every business owner should know, and or have in place. As I've mentioned before, my philosophy is 'LEAD is a verb' as it is the things we are doing on a daily basis that can make or break our business.

Some of the topics that I'll be sharing about over the coming weeks range from practical steps to document your intellectual property to the importance of knowing your values and what inspires you.

This week it's all about taking a break. Each day. I can hear the "Ha! I don't have time to have a break" or "I feel guilty when I take a break from working" responses already.

Firstly, let me point out that not having a lunch break might make you feel like you're being more productive, but it is only productive for the short term. It's no secret that our body needs nutrition and adequate rest to thrive, so each day we skip our breaks we are denying our bodies of a basic human need. Studies have shown the importance of taking regular breaks and the positive impact it has on our mental well being, our productivity and increased creativity. If you want to fast track yourself to burnout then skipping breaks is a sure way to get yourself there. The flow on effect that burn-out has on your overall health as well as your business is not worth the risk.

The next time you think that you're too busy, or the guilt feeling starts to rise I want you to think about how your business would cope if you suffered from burnout. A 30 minute break each day sure beats have one to two weeks off to recover.

Secondly, if you cannot remove yourself from your business for at least thirty minutes a day then you definitely need to look at how you've got your day structured, as well as the processes (or lack thereof) you have in place. Block out 30 minutes in your calendar each day, this will remind you to take a break as well as prevent you from booking too many meetings into your day. Yes, the first step is that simple. The hard part is the self discipline required to stick to it.

On the occasional days where you might legitimately be busy all day then I encourage you to still try to take a 10 minute break, go for a brisk walk (preferably in the sunlight) and re-fresh your senses. Most importantly, listen to your body. When we're sitting at the computer feeling like we've hit a brick wall and a simple task seems overwhelming it is our body's way of saying "give me a break". Don't try to push through this feeling, you are just wasting time. If you haven't gotten the gist of this blog by now let me say it again; it's more productive for you to take a break than to not.

Thirdly, if you have staff it's crucial for us to take the lead with having our breaks as it promotes a positive and healthy work environment which equals high engagement in the workplace. If they see us not having our breaks it can influence them to think that they also need to work 24/7 otherwise they will be viewed as lazy. Now I want you to imagine if they suffered burn out as well. How would your business cope? Now imagine how could your business thrive if everyone was having their allocated breaks?

Bottom line- we need to stop glorifying the hustle, while it might look good on your Instagram feed, it's not doing yourself or your business any good.

Now off you go and put this into action, if you get stuck give me a call.

Have a great day :-)

- Amy

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